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Based on the statistics below, Covered California should be doing quite well. Unfortunately, their website is still having some problems (though greatly improved from week one) and wait times are still at least a half hour long, despite the the 3 min. wait time they claim to have. Also, their agent designation is currently not working on their site. So, if your a person who has designated an agent through the Covered California website to help you, your request is not showing up on that agent’s dashboard when they log in to the website. Right now, if you are using an agent to help you through Covered California’s website it’s in your best interest to fax you application in with your agent’s name and information rather than go through the website. Hopefully by the end of November they will have their website glitch free and running smoothly.

As far as marketing is concerned for Covered California, they are working harder at getting their name out their in the month of Nov. I attended their webinar last week and the month of November is when they say they are going to hit the advertising and marketing the hardest.

Below is an article from on their recent statistics release.


Covered California Releases Statistics for Its Health Insurance Marketplace for Week Ending Nov. 2

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Covered California™ released updated numbers of consumer interest in the agency’s health insurance marketplace and Medi-Cal, with 511,552 unique visits to its website and 49,961 calls to its Service Center during the week ending Nov. 2.

Since open enrollment began Oct. 1, consumers have been shopping for and comparing health care coverage through Covered California, where consumers also can determine if they are eligible to enroll, eligible for subsidies or eligible for Medi-Cal.

For the first five weeks of open enrollment, nearly 2.6 million unique visits were made to The Service Center has handled more than 260,000 calls during the same period, and from Oct. 1 through Nov. 2, approximately 227,002 applications were started.

Total enrollment for October is scheduled for release next week.

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