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The simple answer is a child can stay on a parent’s health insurance policy until they are 26. Even if the child is not living with the parent, is married , or not financially dependent on the parent, they can remain on the policy. Just be sure to include them on the policy when it asks who is to be covered.

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Below is an article from on a child staying on a parent’s plan.

Can children stay on a parent’s plan until age 26?

If a plan covers children, they can be added or kept on the health insurance policy until they turn 26 years old.

Children can join or remain on a plan even if they are:

not living with their parents
attending school
not financially dependent on their parents
eligible to enroll in their employer’s plan

How to get coverage for adult children

Adult child may be enrolled during a plan’s open enrollment period or during other special enrollment opportunities. The employer or insurance company can provide details.

Under-26-year-olds can be signed up directly in new Marketplace plans. Be sure to include him or her on the list of people to be covered.

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