Business Liability

Owning a business can unfortunately result in a vast range of unpredictable events that can negatively affect your company, its finances and your personal assets as well. Business Liability insurance helps you gain security and confidence for your business in the event of a lawsuit against your company where legal defense and/or legal damages are claimed in relation to you, your company or even your employees.

It is no surprise that accidents do happen and people make mistakes. That being said, when you own a company you should always think ahead in regards to the possibility that there will be an accident that occurs with relation to your company. Anyone who comes in contact with you or an employee has the ability to file claims and/or lawsuits against you and your company for a variety of reasons. Such reasons include but are not limited to:

  • On location or during operations- If a customer or client is injured in any way at your location (a fall for instance) and sustains injury, all medical bills and possibility of a lawsuit are held against the company (or the owner of the company) for negligence. With Business Liability insurance such expenses are covered.
  • Completed products, services, operations and/or projects: If a previous project or service that was completed was flawed in some way, the recipient can file a lawsuit against you that may require you to pay full legal damages as well as other expenses. Luckily in a case where this occurs and the company or business owner does in fact have Business Liability insurance, all defense and legal damages are covered.
  • Online and data liability: In the event that private information about your client(s) or customer(s) is somehow leaked to other sources and/or on the internet, your company is completely liable and at risk for any potential damage caused to any or all of your clients. Again, with Business Liability insurance any legal feels, losses, etc. will be covered by your plan.

This does not cover the entire spectra of what “can” happen, but we know how important your company is and we will work with you to find the right coverage plan for you. The credibility of your name and your company’s name is always at risk and at J.S. Tucker Insurance we understand the importance of protecting it. We’ll work with you in order to assess the right coverage plan to fit your needs.