Excess Liability

A seemingly insignificant incident can result in a catastrophic outcome for a company. It is impossible to try to predict such disasters in a work environment but that doesn’t mean that you can’t protect against them. For instance, an old wire leads to shortage in one of your company’s computers causing an electrical fire. That fire spreads to your entire building then continues on from building to building, finally destroying an entire block of offices. What started out as a seemingly trivial event could leave your company in financial ruin if you didn’t have an Excess Liability policy in effect.

Excess Liability Coverage Offers:
• Excess Liability limits consistent with the underlying limits
• Protection against the ever increasing cost of litigation
• Flexibility to protect where gaps exist

With an Excess Liability plan, you are not only purchasing protection but peace of mind, as well. Our staff will work with you and your company to develop the right coverage that sufficiently protects your exposures. We do not have the “one plan fits all” mentality; we believe that your insurance needs vary as greatly as the services or goods you produce.

At J.S. Tucker Insurance we diligently and proficiently work with our clients and credible providers to design insurance plans perfect for you and your company’s specific coverage needs. For a personalized assessment of your company’s financial risk by a Certified Financial Planner, please contact our office today.