Health Insurance

J.S. Tucker Insurance understands your concerns when it comes to choosing a health insurance carrier. We have a team of professionals who will diligently search through the many health insurance plans on the market to narrow down the ones that best fit your requirements. We can assist in selecting plans that will satisfy your needs while offering cost effective solutions to keep you within your budget.

At J.S. Tucker Insurance we consider a client’s coverage requirements, financial concerns and employee demographics as we filter through plan options for businesses. For Individuals we also consider your current health situation and plan requests. As we navigate through plan options, we strive to ensure that everyone has the access to care they need while protecting them from costly out of pocket expenses.

Benefits of having health insurance:
•Carrier negotiated rates for medical and pharmaceutical needs
•Financial protection from catastrophic illness
•Access to free preventative care, screenings, check-ups, etc.; all which will lead to a healthier life.
•Relatively predictable office visits, hospital, outpatient services or emergency room visits
•Enticement for prospective skilled new hires

As our healthcare landscape in California has changed, so has our focus. With Designated Certified Healthcare Reform specialists on board, J.S. Tucker Insurance has worked hard to stay ahead of the learning curve. We’re prepared to answer your California Marketplace questions and needs. In order to keep you informed as well, we occasionally post Healthcare news on our website for clients. Consider us your resource for healthcare answers.
Don’t wait any longer, let J.S. Tucker Insurance help you, your family or business find the right plan with the right carrier today.