Workers Comp

California requires every business whether it has 50,000 employees or one employee to have Workers Compensation. Period. End of sentence.

Workers Compensation insurance serves to protect both the employer and employee. A good insurance carrier will employ skilled claims adjusters who will move a claim along swiftly and efficiently. J.S. Tucker Insurance markets credible Workers Compensation carriers that know how to navigate the laws proficiently at the best premium available for your type of business.

Examples of protection afforded by Workers Compensation insurance:

•Protection for the company (and employee) if an employee is hurt running any errands or tasks (in or out of office) for the company and is injured in any way: fall, vehicle accident, direct work related injury, etc. Including:
•Payment for medical treatment for the injured employee
•Coverage of loss of wages due to injury and medical treatment
•Employer protection from lawsuits due to an employee accident or injury

We are dedicated to finding the right Workers Compensation insurance coverage for your company and your employees. J.S. Tucker Insurance continuously strives to develop a complete insurance package that is appropriate for your business by efficiently evaluating any and all risks and/or exposures.

For a personalized assessment of your company’s financial standing and a review of your plans by a Certified Financial Planner, please contact our office today.